Android App Development

Developing Top-Notch Android Apps with Cutting-Edge and Innovative Technologies at Reasonable Prices


One of the most versatile, diversified and equally breathtaking platforms for mobile app development is none other than Android. Assigning solution based values to our clients’ problems belonging from varied industries, not only we have contributed in increasing their respective ROI for the business but also have simultaneously upped our knowledge domain for the same field. Rigorously working in these industry domains we, AAR Technologies a top android app development company have attained the expert stance in our mobile app development services such as:

  •  Android Business Apps
  •  Android Finance Apps
  •  Entertainment Apps
  •  Healthcare And Fitness Apps
  •  Lifestyle Applications
  •  Social Networking
  •  Beauty & Wellness Apps
  •  Native Android App Development
  •  Hybrid Android App Development

(i) Native Android App Development: These apps are platform specific and written in certain programming development tools and language. Developers use Android studio, Google Material & Java. The native approach has widespread access to device’s hardware & android-specific features. It has to follow specific user experience and technical guidelines and hence they perform better with rendering & animations as compared to Hybrid apps.


(ii) Hybrid Android App Development: These apps are wrapped in a native app pocket using the web technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. The hybrid approach is often regarded as “Program Once Run Anywhere”? as the same code can serve on multiple platforms because its presence is located outside the basic frame of the application.


Both of the above-mentioned development approaches are inculcated with their respective pros and cons and hence, our expertise is underway for your benefit.

Technologies We Rely On

Our team of developers knows the fact that when it comes to Android Application Development; there is “no one size fits all” rule. Since, it includes varied tasks like wire-frames, design & development (building code-base with programming languages) and testing, we use a number of different alternative languages and/or integrated development environments (IDEs) including but certainly not limited to:

  • Adobe Flash (Flash / Air)
  • Ruboto (Ruby)
  • Xamarin 2.0 (C#)
  • Appcelerator Titanium (HTML/Javascript)
  • ItelliJ IDEA (Alternative IDE, Java)
  • Scripting Layer For Android (Python, Perl, Etc)
  • AppInventor (Drag & Drop)
  • Basic4android (Basic)

Android App Designing Tools:

  • Marvel
  • Invision
  • PopApp
  • Android Patterns
  • Adobe Kuler
  • Android Sketch Paper

Android App Major Programming Languages: JavaC, C++,Corona,Phonegap,Titanium,HTML5.

Android App Major Testing Tools: Google Android Emulator, The official Android SDK Emulator,MobiOne,eggplant.